BEACON What’s New: Navigation Enhancements

September 26, 2022
When you log into BEACON, you will see the top of the new user interface has a new look. This new look includes a top navigation bar that lets you quickly see the path to the page you are viewing. For example, if you are on the Data Exchange Search page, the interface displays System Sync /Data Exchange.

It also contains a hamburger icon. This function supplements the existing expand/collapse button and lets you expand, collapse and also hide the vertical navigation bar. The ability to hide the bar further expands the interface so it fills the entire width of your browser window.

In addition, a lock icon lets you:

  • Pin pages to the vertical navigation bar. When pinned, pages always start at the edge of the vertical navigation bar, whether the bar is expanded or collapsed.
  • When unpinned, the vertical navigation bar can overlay the left side of the page or it can be used to show/hide the navigation bar.

When you log out of BEACON, the currently selected state gets remembered and recalled the next time you log into BEACON. For more details, see BEACON Help.

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