The Catalog page lets you view and manage Watchers.

Recent events are events that occurred during the previous seven days from “now.”

By default, All Watchers are displayed.


About Watchers

Watchers are user-definable conditions that trigger events that you want to track or watch.

When the conditions of a Watcher are met, it generates an event — more specifically, an active event. When the conditions defined by a given Watcher are no longer met, the event has ended.

Watchers apply to network meters.

Notice the Watcher Name along with its description, a count of active events, the date the Watcher was last edited, and the name of the entity that created the Watcher are shown.

To jump to a specific Watcher, start typing its name in the search box. As you type, BEACON looks ahead and displays matching results. In this example, typing “no comm” returned three matches or hits. Notice that the number of hits is displayed in the lower left corner.

No Communications

Search results are paginated.

Use the N / page drop-down menu in the lower right portion of the screen to select the number of results to display.

Pagination Drop Down Menu

Create Watchers

To create a Watcher, do the following:

1. Click Create Watcher in the upper right corner of the page. This opens the Create Watcher drawer.

2. If desired, use the Create from template drop-down menu to select one of:

  • Continuous Flow
  • No Communication
  • Irrigation Monitoring
  • Vacant Monitoring
  • Reverse Flow
  • Tampers

Templates help jumpstart the Watcher creation process. Each template opens with certain parameters already set. These preset parameters can be changed as desired.

  1. Enter a Watcher name in the Name box.*
    * = this step is required.
  2. If desired, enter a description in the Description box.
  3. If you used a template, skip to step 6.
    If you did not use a template, use the Set Condition drop-down menu* to choose one of:
Event Type Function
Exceptions Detect device issues
Flow Detect flow conditions
  1. If desired, use the Additional functions to:
  • Add a Filter(s) – Focus the Watcher on a specific set of meters.
    TIP: To quickly find a parameter, start typing its name. BEACON looks ahead and shows you parameters that match what you type.
  • Schedule the Watcher – select Watch to set dates and times to monitor. Select Ignore to set times and dates to skip monitoring.
    Click +Add Time Period to focus the watcher on specific days and times of the week. Repeat this step as needed.
  • Set Start and End dates – Use the calendars to apply the Watcher on the selected dates. In addition, start dates can be in the past. This lets you get a history of events.
  1. When finished, click Save. Notice the system previews event statistics based on the current set of parameters. Use this feature to adjust parameters as needed.Admin users can click the pencil icon to edit the corresponding event.

Click the number in any row of the Active Events column to jump to the Explore page to see details for the affected meters.

Click an up/down arrow icon such as the one circled in red below next to any field in the Watcher table to change the sort order.

Up/Down Arrow Sorting


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