Deep Links Data Exchange

Deep Links allow you and your customer service representatives to go directly from an account card in BEACON to the corresponding account in other utility systems such as your CIS or billing system. Multi-utilities can link accounts in separate water, gas and electric systems.

To get started:

1. Create a Data Exchange file containing the following columns:

Account_ID Location_ID Meter_ID Link:{filtername}


The Link:{filtername} column header creates a filter on the Monitor page. For example, to create filters named Gas, Electric and Internet Services, include three columns named Link:Gas, Link:Electric and Link:Internet_Services. Any number of Link:{filtername} columns can be included in your file.


  1. Each row in the file should include the BEACON Account_ID, Location_ID and Meter_ID along with the corresponding external system IDs in the Link:{filtername} columns.
  2. Save the file in CSV format.
  3. Drop it onto the Assets>System Sync>Import module and accept the import. Remember, files must be 30MB or less.
  4. After the import is complete, use the Assets>Deep Links tab to finish configuring your deep links.
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