Import Data Enhancements

Starting on December 11, 2017, utilities using fixed-length Format C and Format D files will no longer use the At a Glance page Import Data module to update BEACON. Instead, you will import your fixed-length files using the Assets>System Sync Import module.

To use the Assets>System Sync Import module, do the following:

Use the Import module to provision endpoints and update account and service details by doing one of the following:

  • Drop a fixed-length Format C or Format D file onto the Drop Zone
  • Click Select File to use your computer file system to locate and select a Format C file or Format D file to import.

Use the Activity List to:

  • View a list of file imports
  • See the Date, Time and number of records imported or prepared for import
  • See the number warnings and errors in the file
  • See the name and email address of the person who handled the import
  • Accept an import by clicking the Approve Import button
  • Stop an import by clicking the Cancel Import button
  • Download and review the original source file by clicking its file name
  • Open in a new window or tab the Exceptions Report created during the import test run by clicking View Exceptions. The total number of warnings and errors is shown, letting you quickly see whether you need to open the report and correct any errors or proceed with the import.

Use the Pagination Controls on the bottom of the Activity List to jump to the first, last or a group of entries.

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