Esri Map Support

BEACON supports Esri maps as an alternative to Google maps. The feature is currently available to utilities for whom Badger Meter personnel have enabled the Esri feature.

Use the Esri Map

From the Consumption Graph on the Monitor page, click the Globe icon (circled in red below) to view the map.

Esri map

Click the + and buttons in the top left corner of the map to zoom the map view in closer (+) and zoom out farther (-).

Click-drag your cursor to reposition the map.

Double-click to zoom in.

Command-double-click to zoom out (Windows) and Control-double-click to zoom out (MacOS).

Click the “hamburger” menu (the three horizontal lines next to the word Meters in the picture below) to get a list of public and private layers. By default, the list shows the Meters layer.

Meters layer

Click the Eye icon to toggle the meter layer on and off.

Click the hamburger menu to get more details about a given layer. For example, the Meters layer hamburger menu displays a color-coded Leak Status legend for meter pins on the map.

Meters layer

Click << to close the menu.

Click the top-most square button in the upper right corner of the map to toggle on and off  full-screen mode.

Nav display icons

The next button down opens menu that lets you chose to view satellite imagery or a traditional navigation street map.

Map and Sat view

Click >> to close the menu.

Click the Line drawing tool icon (highlighted in red below) to define two-dimensional spatial query areas based on polygons, squares or circles. Click-drag to define points on a polygon or square. When finished, be sure to connect the last point to the first point. This closes the area.

Line tool


Spatial query areas select any meters that they encompass. These areas can be saved as filters using the Saved Filter feature for later recall. The image below shows a polygonal-shaped spatial area that encompasses 90 meters.

TIP: To draw a polygon, click then reposition the cursor and click again. Continue as needed and be sure to close the polygon by connecting the last dot to the first dot.

Draw a Polgon to define a spacial filter

The first 25 of 90 meter pins are displayed in the map view below.

25 of 90 meter pins


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