No Flow_Time or Flow in Read Exports

Q: When using the Export Data Services API to obtain a range of reads, why do we sometimes see results like this?


Similarly, when exporting data via the Monitor page>Actions menu, we sometimes get columns that only include double quotes (“).


Why is this happening?

A: It may be easier to visualize the data in your first example in table form:

Flow_Time Meter_ID Flow
2016-10-25 15799519 0.0
2016-20-25 15799521 0.0
“” 15799502 “”

In both cells that contain nothing but double-quotes (“”), the system was unable to get a reading for Meter 15788502 on the date you requested reads (2016-10-25).

The same thing has occurred in the export performed via the Monitor page. That is, the system was unable to get reads for Meter_ID 15799502 on the date of your export, leaving many fields blank (remember, BEACON inserts quotes when the Quoting Options>All default is used).

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