BEACON® AMA onboarding is the entire process a utility goes through from the time an order is placed until users are trained and deriving value from BEACON AMA.

One key part of the onboarding process is successful integration of the interface file with the utility’s billing vendor or setup of the Starter Spreadsheet if a billing interface will not be utilized.

Please refer to the following documents for important onboarding and setup information.

BEACON AMA Onboarding Questionnaire
Badger Meter will use the information you provide to setup and configure your BEACON AMA portfolio, establish invoicing for your services, and configure your billing integration or starter spreadsheet. Download, complete and return this document with your BEACON AMA order.

BEACON AMA Welcome for Billing Integration Deployments
Overview & instructions for deploying with a Billing Integration.

BEACON AMA Welcome for Starter Spreadsheet Deployments
Overview & instructions for deploying with a Starter Spreadsheet.

BEACON AMA Onboarding Billing Vendor Integration & Deployment Best Practices
Handy checklist you can use in planning your BEACON AMA deployment.

BEACON AMA Onboarding & Billing Interface Process flow chart 
Flow chart of the overall process to deploy with a billing integration. Includes roles and responsibilities.

Badger Meter Service Unit Terms and Conditions
Badger Meter Service Units Terms and Conditions.

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