The Analytics page acts like a dashboard, providing enhanced visibility into Leaks and EyeOnWater signup and usage. The Leaks section also lets you export data and view customers with varying degrees of leaks, facilitating engagement and leak mitigation.


The Leaks section is divided into quadrants:

  • Selected Filter–Use the drop-down menu to select a filter to target results based on saved filters that have been created on the Monitor page. Filters are saved on a per-user basis, so any filter that is created by one user will not be visible to other users.
    NOTE: When you sign out and sign back in to BEACON, the system remembers the last selected filter on a per-user/browser basis.
  • Leak Count–Displays the total number of leaks along with a breakdown of leaks for customers with and without EyeOnWater accounts for networked meters in your utility. Manually read meters, meters tagged as having continuous flow and meters larger than 1.5” are not included.
  • Leak Flow Rates–Displays the number of small (1 to 10.0 gallons per hour), medium (10.1 to 30.0 gallons per hour), large (30.1 to 60 gallons per hour) and critical leaks (60.1 gallons per hour and larger) that are new or older than 7 days.
  • Leak Duration–Displays the age in weeks of small-to-large leaks and critical leaks.
  • Take Action–Use this quadrant of the Leaks section to export data or view customers with leaks based on the selected meter size. Filter results using the drop-down menu.

  • Click View to jump to the Monitor page display of your selected meter size and drop-down menu selection.
  • Click Export to get a CSV file containing contact information for customers based on the selected meter size and drop-down menu selection.


The Users section is divided into quadrants:

  • Accounts with EyeOnWater–Displays the number of water utility accounts with access to EyeOnWater as a percentage of total accounts along with a breakdown of accounts with and without EyeOnWater.
  • User Count–Displays the total number of users with EyeOnWater accounts and shows the number of active monthly users that visited EyeOnWater in the last 30 days and the number of active daily users that visits the site in the last 24 hours. Note: Users can have more than one account linked to EyeOnWater, so the total number of accounts and users may not match.
  • New Signups–Displays the number of new EyeOnWater accounts created in the previous six months along with a breakdown of signups per month. The current month is the right-most point on the graph.
  • View All EyeOnWater Users–Click the button to jump to the EOW Users page..
  • View Detailed User Analytics–Click the button to jump to the Detailed Analytics page.


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