Creating a Branded URL

Using a branded domain name and URL (for example, will give your customers a consistent experience when they view EyeOnWater (EOW)-related content. Instead of thinking they have been directed to a third-party site, EOW will appear as part of your utility’s web site.

How to Create a Branded URL for EyeOnWater-Related  Services

To create a branded domain name for EyeOnWater-related services, follow these instructions:

    1. If necessary, register your domain name with a domain registrar such as Network Solutions or GoDaddy.
    2. Generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR). There are many ways to generate a CSR. Choose one that gives you direct access to the private key. For example:
    3. The domain owner purchases an SSL Certificate using the CSR. For Example:
      When requesting an SSL certificate, please select one with an expiration date 1+ years in the future.
    4. When the SSL Certificate is issued, use a secure method to send the Certificate, Private Key and Certificate Chain to Badger Meter.NOTE: Badger Meter cannot accept Wild Card SSL Certificates.
    5. Badger Meter installs the new credentials for the new branded URL and updates its servers.
    6. The utility or domain owner updates their domain registry with the new branded URL, updating the DNS CNAME record with the value provided by Badger Meter in step 4.

* An additional annual fee is required. Contact your BEACON AMA sales representative for details.

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