The Handhelds page lets you see and all of the mobile meter reading devices in your inventory. You can also pair mobile reading devices with BEACON from this page.

Mobile Devices-Anonymized

To pair a mobile device with BEACON AMA, do the following:

    1. Configure the Trimble Ranger 3 device by following the instructions on pages 80-85 of the ORION Field Application 4.0 for Trimble Ranger with BEACON AMA User Manual (BEA-UM_00989-EN-01).
    2. Using the Trimble Ranger 3, navigate to the ORION Field Application menu.
    3. Tap Settings.
    4. Tap Enable BEACON AMA Functionality. An Access Code displays on the screen.Trimble Access Code
    5. In BEACON, choose Assets>Mobile and click Pair Device.
    6. Enter the case-sensitive code created in step 4.
    7. Click Pair. When the code is confirmed in BEACON, the handheld is configured and ready to receive data.Pair
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