Using BEACON Daily

After familiarizing yourself with how BEACON works, we suggest adopting the following daily routine during which you will log into the system and quickly run through a series of checks. These checks will help identify potential issues and anomalies that may require corrective action.

  1. Pick a time to perform the following steps and repeat it daily.
  2. Log in to BEACON.
  3. Perform the following:


Where to Look What to Look for What You Should Do
AAG page Endpoint Health module No Recent Endpoint Communication alerts.
  1. Click the arrow to jump to the Monitor page.
  2. Click the arrow next to Meter Reads>Last Read Age.
  3. If the last read was more than 1 day ago, determine if the reason for no communication is expected or if it is due to an exception.
  4. To see if the endpoint has an exception, click the arrow next to Meter>Exception. Pay particular attention to Tampers, Encoder Communication Errors, Encoder Removed and other exceptions that produce gaps in flow data.
  5. If necessary, issue a work order for someone in the field to investigate or repair the exception.
AAG page Flow Health module Flow anomalies such as No Recent Flow, Leak Detected, Backflow and Continuous Flow.
  1. Click on each flow anomaly arrow to jump to the Monitor page.
  2. Review each anomaly and if needed notify your customer(s).TIP: To get a convenient list of all leaks in your system from AAG>Flow Health click the Leak Detected arrow to jump to the Monitor page. Then use the Monitor>Actions drop-down menu to Export Data and choose Latest Reads. Download the file when the export is complete. Open the file and review the columns named Current Leak Start Date and Current Leak Rate (gal/hr).
AAG page Top Accounts by Usage module Anything out of the ordinary, for example, a single family home or commercial property that is consuming an unlikely amount of water.
  1. Click its arrow to jump to the Monitor page.
  2. Review the card(s) to determine if further action is needed.
AAG page Gateway Health module Gateways that are Disconnected or Attempting Connection.
  1. Click the arrow to jump to the Monitor page.
  2. Review each meter to determine if further action is required.
  3. Issue work orders as needed.
Assets>System Sync (Data Exchange users) or AAG>Import Data module When the latest data import occurred.
  1. Determine if you need to update BEACON with the latest data in your CIS or Billing System.
  2. If needed, perform a data exchange operation.
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