The Not Set Flag

Q: On the Assets page under Pre-provisioned Endpoints>Type says “Not Set.” What does “Not Set” mean?

Not Set

A: Not Set means that BEACON received a message from an ORION Cellular endpoint when it was activated that indicated it was unable to communicate with the encoder register. Typical causes include:

  • A bad splice joining the wires that connect the register to the endpoint
  • The endpoint connectors are not aligned correctly and are incorrectly plugged
  • There is debris or water in the connector and the connector is not making a clean connection.

To solve the Not Set condition, do the following:

  1. Unplug the endpoint from the meter.
  2. Make sure the prongs are not bent or damaged.
  3. Make sure there is no debris, dirt or water in either end of the connector.
  4. Re-attach the connectors, making sure the arrows and prongs line up correctly.
  5. If the wires were spliced, verify that there are no shorts or breaks disrupting the connection
  6. Reset the endpoint by placing a large magnet on the “u” in Cellular for 10 full seconds.
  7. Reactivate the endpoint by swiping a magnet across the word “Cellular.”Notice that a light on the bottom of the endpoint flashes twice to indicate the endpoint is awake. (For endpoints mounted to a meter bayonet, the flash will be visible in the space where the assembly joins the meter.)
  8. Once the endpoint is awake, it automatically runs two tests to confirm that the encoder and wireless communications are working.The encoder test can take up to 20 seconds before one of the following occurs:

    • 1 long flash = Success
    • 3 Short flashes = Read Error

    The communication test can take up to three minutes before one of the following occurs:

    • 2 long flashes = Success
    • 6 short flashes = Communication Error

  9. If a read or communication error occurs, verify the endpoint/encoder connection, checking to see that the connectors and wires are seated and joined properly and that there are no shorts or breaks disrupting the connection.
  10. Repeat steps 5-7 until successful.

This should clear the Not Set condition within 24 hours.

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