Endpoint Interval Capture & Communication

Use the table below to see how often Badger Meter endpoints capture and send data to BEACON.

Endpoint Type Data Capture Interval Communication Interval Communication Method
ORION Cellular LTE-M 15-minute 4x daily, 3 configurable time slots, 1 fixed. LTE network
ORION Cellular LTE 15-minute 1x daily LTE network
ORION Cellular 60-minute 1x daily CDMA network
ORION Mobile (ME) Mobile read transceiver/receiver
ORION Fixed Network (SE) 60-minute 1 hour Fixed network gateways
ORION Classic (CE) Manual or mobile read transceiver/receiver
GALAXY TR2 360-minute 6 hours Fixed network gateway
GALAXY TR3 60-minute 6 hours Fixed network gateway
Barnacle V3 60-minute 1x daily CDMA network
Barnacle V2 60-minute 1x daily CDMA network


Read Time versus Communication Time

The terms read time and communication time are often confused as being the same, when they are different things.

  • Read time refers to the moment when an endpoint collects a read from a meter.
  • Communication time refers to the moment when an endpoint sends data to BEACON.

Many endpoints collect reads at the top of each hour, others collect reads every 15 minutes. Endpoints communicate with BEACON, sending reads and other data once every 24 hours, once every six hours, or in the case of LTE-M endpoint at three configurable intervals and one fixed interval per day. For all but LTE-M endpoints, the exact hour(s) of the day that that communication occurs is set randomly for each individual endpoint. This is done to distribute network traffic and enhance system performance.

If an endpoint is unable to communicate with BEACON, it will continue to try to connect to the system until it is successful. Depending on how long the gap in communication is and the endpoint type, BEACON might calculate and display estimated reads.

After an endpoint has communicated with BEACON, it takes time for the system to process and display the reads in the Monitor page consumption graph and on cards. How much time varies based on other tasks the system is handling when the reads are received.

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