Installing and Provisioning Endpoints

Endpoints are key components in AMI/AMR systems. Endpoints are used to transmit reads and status information from encoder registers and meters to BEACON AMA software. The life cycle of endpoints begins when they are purchased and shipped to the utility. Personnel at Badger Meter enter the serial number of each endpoint into a utility company or distributor’s BEACON portfolio when the endpoints are shipped from Badger Meter.
Once inventoried, endpoints are ready to be installed and activated.

Installing Endpoints
The methods for installing and activating Badger Meter endpoints are described in the ORION Water Endpoint Installation Manual (ORI-UM-00025-EN) and the GALAXY Fixed Network Water Endpoint Installation Manual (GYX-UM-00119-EN). Watch this instructional video to learn how to activate ORION Cellular LTE endpoints. More information can be found at Refer to pages 2 and 3 of the ORION LTE-M, LTE Endpoint Installation Quick Start Guide to learn how to activate an endpoint in Stop or Pause mode using the Badger Meter IR Communicaiton Device and use the ORION Endpoint Status tool to check the activation status of ORION Cellular Endpoints.

Once installed and activated, endpoints must be provisioned or associated with a meter and an account in BEACON using Data Exchange files. The provisioning process is described here.

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