From the Staff page those with Admin or Support roles can:


Staff Users


To personalize your staff listing, use your BEACON sign-in email address and upload a picture here.

Click Export to download a list in CSV format of all Utility Staff members. The list includes their:

Full Name
Email address
Date they were added to the system
Date Updated
User Name
Mobile access status
Assigned Filter
User Creation Method (see table)

User Creation Method Description
BEACON Invite Invited to use BEACON by an Admin user via Users page>Staff tab>New User.
API SSO user created by Badger Meter personnel.
Ap_Onboard Accounts Payable User created by Badger Meter personnel during initial setup.
Onboard Owner created by Badger Meter personnel during initial setup.

Invite New Users

Invite New User

Click New User and follow the steps below to invite a staff member to create a BEACON account.

TIP: Users who need access to both BEACON and EyeOnWater must use unique email addresses for each system. If someone has a gmail account, they can easily add a “label” to the email address so that, for example, name+utility@gmail and name@gmail can be used to log in to BEACON and EyeOnWater, respectively.

  1. Enter the user’s full name, email address (required) and, if desired, phone number.
  2. Use the drop-down menu to choose a role. Predefined roles include Admin, Support, Installer and Manager. Custom Roles created using the Roles tab will also be displayed. The table below describes the permissions granted to each predefined role.
  3. Click Invite User to complete the process. Click Cancel to start over.

    Search Staff

    Start typing in the box. The system will auto-fill based on the first two characters entered.

    Use the drop-down menu to filter results by Status, Role, Special Role Filter Set and Disabled.

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