Direct Access to BEACON from External Systems

Q: How can we link directly from our customer information system (CIS) to BEACON? We want to give our customer service team the ability to jump from an external system directly to an account card on the Monitor page. 

A: Assuming that your CIS or billing system is extensible, you can create a function that calls a URL that points to a unique identifier (ID) in BEACON that corresponds to the account or premise of interest.

In other words, if your CSR takes a call from a customer who is enquiring about a recent spike in their usage, you can use a URL to search for and open the Monitor page card using the customer’s account ID. Or if the customer has an account for multiple meters or locations, you can use a URL that points to a specific meter ID or Endpoint serial number (SN).

Tip: If your IDs contain non-numeric characters such as ampersans (&) or hyphens (-), those characters must be URL encoded. For example, Account ID 1234&5678 should be 1234%265678.

ID URL Use Case
Account ID Open every card related to an account ID.
Meter ID Open the card for the specified meter ID.
Endpoint SN Open the card for the specified endpoint.
Location ID Open the card(s) for the specified location ID.

NOTE: Users must be logged into BEACON to access any of the above URLs.

TIP: If you use Single Sign On to log into BEACON, modify the hostname portion of the URLs in the table above accordingly.

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