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The Utility Notices page lets you broadcast messages to your customers via EyeOnWater. This lets you alert customers to service outages, boil advisories, etc. by creating banners that appear across the top of the EyeOnWater web portal and on the screen of the EyeOnWater iOS and Android smartphone apps.

By default, Utility Notice Banners are visible to all your customers that use EyeOnWater.

Use the Saved Filters drop-down menu to direct Utility Notice Banners to the appropriate EyeOnWater customers based on Saved Filters created on the Monitor page.

TIP: To send a Utility Notice to meters by Service_Point_Route, Location_Zip_Code, Meter_Size or other parameter(s) surfaced among the many Monitor page filters, select that filter or any group of filters, and create a Saved Filter using this process. When finished, the filter will be available in the Utility Notices Banner Filter drop-down menu.

  1. From the Utility Notices page, click +Create New Notice and select Banner.

    Utility Notices page

  2. Use the Date Range selectors to specify the days that the Notice will be active and visible to your customers.
    NOTE: While EyeOnWater is available in many languages, the system will not automatically translate your message to any of those languages.
  3. If desired, change the default Custom Notice ID entering an ID in the Customer Notice ID box.
  4. Enter a Title by typing in the Title box. Titles can be up to 100 characters in length.
  5. Enter your message in the Message box. Messages can be up to 990 characters.NOTE: The tip above the Message box includes a link that shows samples of how to use markdown to add bold face, italic and other formatting to your message.
  6. Click Save to publish the message. Click Preview to inspect your message before publishing it.
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