Branding Requirements

Branding EyeOneWater services involves supplying Badger Meter with vital outreach details that are used to direct customers to your CSR team, include your brand colors and logo on EOW webpages. To accomplish that, supply Badger Meter with the following:

Required Information Description
Contact Phone Your customer support phone number
Contact Email Your customer support email address
Contact URL Web address of your customer support site
Brand String The utility’s name as you would like it to appear on EyeOnWater
Customer URL Specify the X in This will be the URL your customers will use to access EyeOnWater. Alternatively, if you created a branded domain name URL for EOW, follow the steps described in Setting Up BEACON EOW Part 2.<link>
Header Bar Color The hexidecimal HTML color-code (#xxxxxx) of your header bar color choice.
Utility Logo Utility logo in Vector format (SVG, vector AI, EPS) with a transparent background
Utility Favicon URL The web address linking to the Favicon used by the Utility
Home URL The web address of the utility’s home webpage
Bill-pay URL The web address of the utility’s bill-pay webpage
Sample Bill This is used to help customers identify their account number during EyeOnWater sign-up

* An additional annual fee is required. Contact your BEACON AMA sales representative for details.

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