Data Diagnostics

The Data Diagnostics page lets users with administrative privileges review and troubleshoot the results of file imports and quickly see:

  • Service Configurations
  • Service Agreements
  • Endpoint History
  • Meter History

for service points at a given location. In addition, advanced users can get visibility into BEACON database entries.

To use the Data Exchange Diagnostics section:

    1. Enter at least three characters in the Service Location pull-down menu. 


      : Type *** to see a list of all the location service points in your utility. 


    2. Select the service point of interest at a given location. 

      Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 3.04.22 PM.png

    3. Review the service configurations, service agreements, endpoint history and meter history at the selected location service point. 

      Service Config BDE Diag.png

In the Endpoint section, a Status of Valid has two meaning:

• If no removal date has been given, Valid indicates a normally functioning endpoint. Messages can be received and reads stored.

• If a removal date has been given, Valid indicates that until the removal date (if one is given), the endpoint was operating. In addition, the latest endpoint configuration has a status of Valid and a removal date, any new messages received by BEACON are ignored and the endpoint has been decommissioned.

  1. If desired, use the advanced section to review Service Configuration Database data, Search Index data and Cache data as it appears in “under the hood” in BEACON. Click Show to expand each portion of the advanced section.1 Service Config. Database Data.png

    Search Index Data.png

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