Filter Visibility and DMA Zones

Q: How does the Dynamic Monitor Page Filter Visibility feature interact with DMA Zones? Will we continue to see all our DMA Zones on the Monitor page? What happens when we select an exception from an At a Glance page module?

A: As long as you have defined DMA Zones, their data will be visible on the Monitor page. When you select an exception from an At a Glance page module, if meters in a DMA Zone have that exception, you will see that information reflected in the corresponding DMA Zone count.

For example, with Filter Visibility set to Show only Filters that Contain Data, and DMA Zones configured, the Monitor page displays the DMA Zones as configured:

DMA Zone example

Five Leaks have been detected as shown in this Flow Health module screenshot.

Flow Health Module Leaks Detected


Clicking the arrow to jump to the Monitor page, which displays the cards for those five meters. The DMA Zone filters display and count the zones in which those five leaking meters reside.


Filter Visibility


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