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BEACON What’s New: Compound Meter Billing Read Export Enhancement

The new Sync Registers feature lets utilities get synchronized billing reads for each register on a compound meter. As you know, endpoint communication times are staggered to optimize network performance. For some utilities, such staggered read times from the high

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BEACON What’s New: Navigation Enhancements

September 26, 2022 When you log into BEACON, you will see the top of the new user interface has a new look. This new look includes a top navigation bar that lets you quickly see the path to the page

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New Assets Page Preview

New Assets Page March 28, 2022 As part of the new vertical navigation preview, a new Assets page lets you get detailed information about all of the hardware assets in your system on a single, easy-to-navigate page. Previously, those details

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New Video: BEACON Water Conservation Tools, Part 2

Watch Part Two: Filtering Your Data Set and learn how to use BEACON AMA data filters to further your conservation efforts.

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New Critical Needs Customer/No Valve Control Tag

When customers with a life-sustaining need for water are not able to pay their water bill, it is imperative that their meter not be shut off for humanitarian reasons. The new Critical Needs Customer/No Valve Control tag lets your CSRs

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New In BEACON: Sort Monitor Page Cards By Flow

The ability to sort Monitor page cards by flow rate has been one of the most requested new features. The new Sort By Flow (Last 7 Days) menu option lets you quickly see meters that measured the most water flow

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Use Tags to Give Users with Manager Roles Limited Access to Data

Features used: Tags, Saved Filters, User Management BEACON lets Admin users grant users with the role of Manager limited access to customizable subsets of locations and meters. This lets: Utilities that resell water to other utilities grant district water managers

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