Billing Read Export Specification

The Billing Read Export Specification describes the columns and rows contained in the billing read output of BEACON. When Billing Reads are exported using the Actions drop-down menu on the Monitor page, a CSV-format spreadsheet file is created. These Billing Read Export files always include the Account IDs, Location IDs, Service Point IDs, Meter IDs, Endpoint IDs and tamper codes along with read data and the read times for up to 100,000 meters per export. Use filters to select registers to include in a Data Export. If more than 100,000 registers are selected, only the first 100,000 records will be exported.

When using the BEACON Data Export Service API to make Billing Read calls, use Cycle, Route and District filters to schedule exports of up to 100,000 records.

The following table describes the Billing Read Export file contents:

Column Name Max Length Format Description
Account_ID 32 Text Identifier of the Account used for billing purposes.
Location_ID 40 Text Unique identifier for the location where the service is being provided
Service_Point_ID 40 Text An identifier used to distinguish between multiple service hookups at the same Location. The combination of Location ID and Service Point ID represents a single point to which a meter is to be attached.
Meter_ID 24 Text Identifier of the meter. It must be unique and is required.
Register_Number 1 Text, L, 0, H, 2, or Blank Register Number is used to identify if a meter is a single or compound meter.
Endpoint_SN 20 Text Serial number of the endpoint paired with the specified meter
Read_Method 7 Text A word indicating how the meter reading was obtained, either AMR, Fixed, Manual, Network or n/a.
Read 9 Number The current meter reading available within the time period requested when the file was submitted to BEACON.
Read_Unit 8 Text Unit that the meter measures in. (GAL, CUBIC_FEET, CUBIC_METER, LITER, AF, OIL_BARREL, FLUID_BARREL)
Billing_Read 9 Number The current meter reading set to the resolution expected from Billing.
Billing_Read_Unit 12 Text Units used for the Billing Read. This value is set using pulldown menus on Assets>Utility Settings>Billing Units. One of: GAL, CUBIC_FEET, CF, CCF, KGAL, CUBIC_METER, LITER, IMP, AF, OIL_BARREL, FLUID_BARREL.
Encoder_Read 9 Number Raw Reading from a meter without Register Resolution or Billing Resolution applied.
Read_Time 22 YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss Date and time of the current read. (2014-09-10 10:39:41)
Service_Point_Timezone 64 US/Pacific, etc. Name of the timezone where the service/meter is located.

For a list of timezone names see:

If timezone is not provided, the timezone associated with the utility specified via BEACON will be used.

Tamper_Code 7 Text A code in AMR reads from ORION CE, ORION ME and ORION SE endpoints that represents endpoint exceptions such as: Endpoint Tamper (T), Reverse Flow (R), Leak (L), Endpoint Communication Error/Device Alert (D), Endpoint No Usage (U), Endpoint Cover Removed (C) , Meter Empty Pipe (P), Endpoint Low Battery (A), Endpoint Reverse Flow (R), Endpoint Programmed (O).

Billing Read Export Mapping
Use this table to create a spreadsheet to map Billing Read Export fields to corresponding fields in your billing or Customer Information System (CIS). If a given BEACON field cannot be mapped, mark it as N/A and include the reasons in this spreadsheet.

Bill Read Fill Description Customer CIS Field Name Customer CIS Field Description

Previously, the Read column was called Current_Read, Billing_Read_Unit was called Current_Read_Units and Read_Time was Current_Read_Time.Encoder_Read and Service_Point_Timezone are additions to the output file.

Last Update What Changed What You Need to Do
March 29, 2018 Updated the Read_Method field to reflect current export file content. If desired, revise column names and incorporate the Read_Method in your interface.
September 29, 2017 Updated column names to reflect current export file content. Map Billing Export Read fields to fields in your CIS database. If desired, revise column names and incorporate Encoder_Read and Service_Point_Timezone in your interface.
February 29, 2016 First Post Map Billing Export Read fields to fields in your CIS database.
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