Where Data Appears in BEACON

Data Exchange files are used to keep your billing and other customer information systems in sync with BEACON AMA software. The following illustrations show some of the prominent places where data entered in a Data Exchange file surfaces in the BEACON user interface.

Persons & Accounts

Account Information fields are used to identify accounts, capture account holder first and last names, their email address and phone number. This data shows up on the Monitor page Account filters and on each Card. In addition, the Account Information fields capture billing address details, which show up on each Card on the Monitor Page, on the Assets page under the Account button and on the Users page under the Customers button.

Service Agreement


Service Agreement Start and End dates are surfaced in the Diagnostics tab on the Assets page. Service Agreement Start dates are also surfaced in the Location tab of Monitor page Cards.

Service Points


Information pertaining to service points (where the meter is located) is captured in these Data Exchange file fields, which show up on Monitor page filters and each of the Cards. If a Data Exchange file includes both Service Point Geo-coordinates and Location Geo-coordinates, the Service Point Latitude and Longitude will be displayed on the Location tab of each Card.

Meters, Encoders & Endpoints


Vital details about your water metering technology are captured in these fields. For example, meter IDs, serial numbers, size, model, Continuous Flow tags, make and size along with encoder register resolution and unit of measure are used by various modules on the At a Glance page and on Cards and filters on the Monitor page. Endpoint data drives many of the counts on the AAG page and is directly visible throughout the Assets page and on Monitor page Cards. Meter and Endpoint installation dates are surfaced on Monitor page Cards, while the Assets page Data Diagnostics tab lets you see the complete history of meter and endpoint installation and removals at a given location service point.



Locations are places where water service is provided by the utility. The location fields in a Data Exchange file identify locations by ID number, name (Jane Doe Middle School, Acme Shopping Mall), address and Geo-coordinates. This data shows up in the Favorites module on the AAG page, on Monitor page Cards and under the Location button on the Assets page. Other fields related to location are used to gather demographic and other details related to usage. BEACON uses this data when generating EyeOnWater customer outreach programs.

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