EOW Users

The EOW Users page lets you see EyeOnWater user statistics and a list of customers with EyeOnWater accounts.

The Pending EOW Users section lets you see which customers signed up for EyeOnWater, were sent an email to complete the signup process and have not clicked the link to verify their address.

  • The Pending Created field shows the date the verification email was sent.
  • The User Accessed field shows the date the verification email was opened by the user.
  • The Expiration field shows when the email verification link is due to expire.

Pending users clear after they click a link in the email to verify their address.

EOW users

Click Filter to sort filter EyeOnWater accounts by Zip Code, Route (shown below), Cycle, District, Class Code and Class Code Normalized. In addition, search for individual EyeOnWater accounts by entering the email address associated with the account and clicking OK. To reset the filters, click Cancel.

NOTE: Utilities that are using the billing portal premium service will see the Customers page instead of the EOW Users tab. Click here for detailed information about the Customers page.

Use the Show Accounts drop-down menu to select the number of customers to display on the page. Use the pagination controls to display different groups of customers

Users with Admin or Support roles can click a customer name to get a snapshot of their account details.

Account Details

Click a user name to login as that customer and see their latest EyeOnWater report. To return to BEACON, click Signout. Do not use your browser back button, because your access will be restricted to that of an EyeOnWater user.

Use the Actions drop-down menu to Export Data to a File, and get a list of your customers along with their user name, email address, user status, signup date, their Account ID and Account Name.

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