Validation Errors and Warnings

When importing a Data Exchange file, BEACON scans the file line-by-line/row-by-row, examining subsets of parameters within each line. The validation process also scans for file-level errors such as missing or unrecognized column names and non-Data Exchange content. When the scan is complete, an Exceptions Report is generated.

To download the report, click Download Exceptions. To view the report, click View Exceptions



or click the Exceptions link in the Assets>System Sync>Activity List.


Validation errors are mistakes that must be corrected before proceeding with the import.

Pay close attention to validation warnings. They inform you when data in a Data Exchange file is going to make a service configuration change. For example, changing the location of a meter or endpoint, closing one service agreement and opening another, etc. Retroactive changes can have significant consequences, for example, changing existing histories at a given location. If the change is one that you intended to make, then it is safe to proceed with the import. If, however, you did not want to make the change, then you should cancel the import, locate the particular record and change the offending data.


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