New In BEACON: Sort Monitor Page Cards By Flow

The ability to sort Monitor page cards by flow rate has been one of the most requested new features. The new Sort By Flow (Last 7 Days) menu option lets you quickly see meters that measured the most water flow during the last 7 days. By default, the order descends from largest to smallest. A click of the Reverse Sort Arrow displays cards in ascending order from smallest volume of flow to largest.

The new feature mimics the AAG page Top Accounts By Usage (Weekly) function if you do not use any filters with some significant differences:

  • The AAG module aggregates usage by account, whereas Monitor page cards display data for individual and compound meters.
  • The AAG module displays the top 25 accounts by usage, while the Sort By Flow (7 Days) feature lets you sort and display cards for any number of meters and apply filters to pin-point meters of interest, for example, to review usage by a group of routes, meter sizes and other criteria.

In addition, the Sort By list is now in alphabetical order.

Technical Documentation Specialist, Badger Meter

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