New In BEACON: Detect Duplicates in File

A new troubleshooting tool has been added to the DE Search function. The Detect Duplicates in File feature lets you quickly identify a common and easily correctable cause of endpoints failing to appear in BEACON. Namely, that an endpoint serial number appeared on more than one row of a data exchange file. Because BEACON processes DE file content sequentially – one row after another – when a single serial number appears in a file more than once, the last row that serial number appears on is the row that provisions the endpoint to an account and meter. This results in meters without endpoints and EyeOnWater customers receiving the message “User not associated with a dashboard” when they sign in or sign up.

The timesaving new feature streamlines the process of detecting duplicated endpoint serial numbers. See BEACON Help for how-to details.

Technical Documentation Specialist, Badger Meter

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