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Important OMR Notification

Google has announced an October 2021 Chrome release that will result in a loss of offline functionality in the current ORION® Mobile Read (OMR) platform. To ensure OMR offline functionality is maintained, an update to the OMR platform will be

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BEACON AMA and Wildfires

Wildfires that consume thousands of acres, threaten and consume buildings and cause large-scale evacuations are an increasing fact of life. For water companies, damage to the water system along with efforts by firefighters and property owners to contain a fire

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New In BEACON: Detect Duplicates in File

A new troubleshooting tool has been added to the DE Search function. The Detect Duplicates in File feature lets you quickly identify a common and easily correctable cause of endpoints failing to appear in BEACON. Namely, that an endpoint serial

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ID Daily Peak Demand Cycles with Diurnal Demand Exports

Diurnal (die-yer-nal), adj. – of or during the day; daily or each day. Diurnal cycles are daily recurring patterns. Diurnal Demand reports are used to identify daily peak water demand cycles. In areas affected by drought and other conditions that

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BEACON AMA and Water Conservation

Faced with persistent drought conditions and the ongoing desire to limit water loss and its costs, utilities need the ability to monitor and identify sources of excess water consumption. Once those sources are identified, having the ability to swiftly notify

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New in BEACON: Export Daily Peak Water Demand Reports

The new Diurnal Demand export feature lets you quickly identify peak water demand cycles. In areas affected by drought and other conditions that affect the availability of water, tracking peak demand helps manage the cost of purchasing and moving water and

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New in BEACON AMA: Customizable User Roles and Permissions

User roles in BEACON AMA are now completely customizable, empowering utilities to create even more secure and optimized staff user experiences. Admin users can precisely manage the features and data other users can view, edit and export. Use the new

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New in BEACON® AMA: Data Exchange Search

Searching for information contained in Data Exchange (DE) files just got a lot easier. The new DE Search feature lets you quickly discover, for example: Why meters, endpoints and accounts failed to appear in BEACON. Why EyeOnWater users lose access

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What’s New in BEACON: Compound Meter Billing Read Export Enhancement

The new Sync Registers feature lets utilities get synchronized billing reads for each register on a compound meter. Typically, endpoint communication times are staggered to optimize network performance. For some utilities, such staggered read times from the high and low

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Weekly Usage Comparisons

The BEACON AMA and EyeOnWater consumption graphs now provide faster access to week-on-week water usage data. The new Week timeframe selector lets you see color-coded, side-by-side usage bars for the previous and current week. In addition, hovering over a bar

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