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BEACON AMA and Water Conservation

Faced with persistent drought conditions and the ongoing desire to limit water loss and its costs, utilities need the ability to monitor and identify sources of excess water consumption. Once those sources are identified, having the ability to swiftly notify

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Minimize Water and Revenue Loss with BEACON

Water loss control starts with the ability to quickly and economically pinpoint the sources of residential and distribution main leaks, tank spillage, theft and unbilled usage. Three recent additions to BEACON together with our leak detection algorithms help you find

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Track Non-Revenue Water with District Metering Areas

Non-revenue water–The sum of unbilled authorized consumption (firefighting, etc.) plus apparent loss (meter inaccuracies and unauthorized consumption) plus real loss (leaks). —the International Water Association and the American Water Works Association Water loss is serious business. Whether the loss is

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View DMA Zone Consumption

To view consumption for one or more Zones, do the following: From the Monitor page filters section, click DMA Zones + to expand the menu. Click one or more DMA Zones to view consumption for the Supply and Demand meters

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Configure DMA Zones

Data exchange files let you easily configure DMA Zones by entering Supply_Meter_IDs and Demand_Meter_IDs. Before you begin, we strongly recommend creating a diagram of each DMA Zone in your utility. Catalog each meter and its role in the zone. This

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District Metering Areas (DMAs) let utilities monitor consumption across a water distribution network. In BEACON, such networks are defined by zones (see the sample diagram below). A zone is a collection of Supply meters and Demand meters. Supply meters measure

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Monitor Page – Filters

The BEACON Monitor page gives utilities access to water consumption data and vital details about each meter in the utility’s water system. Click an area in the image below to get more information about the Actions Bar, Filters, the Consumption

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