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What’s New in BEACON: Compound Meter Billing Read Export Enhancement

The new Sync Registers feature lets utilities get synchronized billing reads for each register on a compound meter. Typically, endpoint communication times are staggered to optimize network performance. For some utilities, such staggered read times from the high and low

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Weekly Usage Comparisons

The BEACON AMA and EyeOnWater consumption graphs now provide faster access to week-on-week water usage data. The new Week timeframe selector lets you see color-coded, side-by-side usage bars for the previous and current week. In addition, hovering over a bar

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New BEACON Training Page

Our extensive portfolio of training content has a new, centralized home in BEACON Help that is easily accessible to all utility staff. Check the Training tab frequently to find updated materials prepared by our expert trainers including: How-to videos Downloadable Training Manuals

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E-Series Ultrasonic Plus Meter with Integrated Valve

The E-Series Ultrasonic Plus meter with an integrated valve allows for utilities to remotely actuate valves to open, closed, and partially closed positions. When utilizing an ORION LTE-M endpoint and BEACON AMA, utilities can easily monitor valve status, actuate and

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BEACON What’s New – ORION® Mobile Read How-To Videos

ORION® Mobile Read How-To Videos June 15, 2020 Two new How-To videos have been released for training on the BEACON AMA Mobile Solution. These brief videos provide a full, step-by-step overview for creating and completing assignments in ORION® Mobile Read.

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Use Tags to Give Users with Manager Roles Limited Access to Data

Features used: Tags, Saved Filters, User Management BEACON lets Admin users grant users with the role of Manager limited access to customizable subsets of locations and meters. This lets: Utilities that resell water to other utilities grant district water managers

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Provision Compound Meters in BEACON

Compound meters combine two or more metering technologies in a single physical unit. Each technology is described as a side. One side measures low flow and the other measures high flow. So-called super or hybrid/homemade compounds have additional sides dedicated

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Minimize Water and Revenue Loss with BEACON

Water loss control starts with the ability to quickly and economically pinpoint the sources of residential and distribution main leaks, tank spillage, theft and unbilled usage. Three recent additions to BEACON together with our leak detection algorithms help you find

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Track Non-Revenue Water with District Metering Areas

Non-revenue water–The sum of unbilled authorized consumption (firefighting, etc.) plus apparent loss (meter inaccuracies and unauthorized consumption) plus real loss (leaks). —the International Water Association and the American Water Works Association Water loss is serious business. Whether the loss is

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