New Assets Page Preview

New Assets Page

March 28, 2022
As part of the new vertical navigation preview, a new Assets page lets you get detailed information about all of the hardware assets in your system on a single, easy-to-navigate page. Previously, those details were available under separate Assets page tabs. Now a drop-down menu lets you select:

• All Assets
• Endpoints
• Gateways
• Meters
• Registers
• Valves (requires E-Series Meters with integrated valves).

Results can be viewed as a list or on a map. In List View, you can search, filter and sort results by a wide variety of fields including asset type, serial numbers, operational status, endpoint activation date, exceptions, latest read date, order number, and much more. Map View displays assets on a Map.

The new Assets page lets you get more information than has been previously available in BEACON. For example, you can now see details about registers and meters linked to endpoints. The new page vastly expands the asset management capabilities of BEACON.

For more information, visit BEACON Help.

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